Our Vision

With experience in working with loneliness and social isolation, Communibox was formed to make the connection between the great things that happen in the community and the people that would benefit from these things, reaching people that may not have social media or visit places where these things are advertised. 

At Communibox, we believe in creating opportunities for everyone to experience what is in their local area regardless of the social tools that they may or may not have. We offer a service that helps people to enjoy life and connect with their community more often. 

We want to deliver a package containing information on local groups, services and activities set up by local people which already exist but could serve more people, details of events in the area and deals and discounts provided by the local businesses and organisations which make experiencing some of the nicer things in life easier to afford and more tempting to engage with the area. The donation boxes cover the running costs of the organisation and the funding of the groups, any profits made go straight back into the community by means of setting up more groups or identifying and tackling areas which may need attention.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our passion. 

Joe Wright

Founding Director